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High speed blast cleaning machine for wheel sets delivered to France

Finnblast Oy has delivered to France a high capacity blast cleaning machine for wheel sets. It is  d[...]

Blast cleaning of moulds for car tyres

Finnblast Oy has delivered fully automated blast cleaning cabinet for cleaning of moulds for car tyr[...]

Blast cleaning of wheelsets

Finnblast Oy has delivered a blast cleaning machine for wheel sets to UK.  This machine is drive thr[...]

Blasting cabinet with two tables

Finnblast Oy has delivered  to Veisto Oy:lle a blast cleaning cabinet, which has two tables.   Two t[...]


Innotrans 2020 Exhibition 22.-25.9.2020 in Berlin

Finnblast participates the railway exhibition Innotrans 2020 in Berlin, 22-25.9.2020. Welcome![...]

Finnblast Oy is participating the Innotrans exhibition in Berlin, 18-21.2018. Wellcome ![...]

Matting of rifle locks using glass beads

In hunting rifles, visual appearance is also a statement on product quality, and therefore very important. The product must appear well finished to the finest detail. Rifle locks are blast cleaned using glass/ceramic beads in order to create a uniform surface finish and remove machining marks.

After blasting, the surface has a velvet-like, smooth finish.

Blast cleaning is used for the matting of the lock surfaces. The locks are automatically blast cleaned using a cabinet equipped with a turntable and smaller satellite tables. The cabinet operates on a batch principle; a total of 16 locks are loaded into the cabinet at one time. The door is closed, the blast cleaning is started with a press of the Start button, and the automation ensures that all locks inside the cabinet are blast cleaned. Once the process is complete, the light beacon on top of the cabinet lights up, and a new batch of locks can be placed inside the cabinet for blast cleaning.


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