Goals for product development

Finnblast Oy aims to develop new blast cleaning solutions, new machine models and blast cleaning machine components that improve the reliability of machines and the productivity and energy-efficiency of blast cleaning, and boost occupational safety. Our aim is to offer the best solutions for each customer.

Operational reliability is the most important feature of our products. To achieve this goal, we have been developing the structural solutions of machines as well as individual components.

Improvements in productivity may include automating the blast cleaning process, developing longer-lasting consumable parts, reducing energy consumption, or improving dust removal and visibility inside blasting rooms, for example.

User safety originates from industry standards that set the minimum requirements for occupational safety. Dust prevention, low noise levels, and easy serviceability are also parts of occupational safety.

Customer-specific blasting tests

To ensure quality, we perform blasting tests at our workshop using our customer’s products. This ensures the performance values of the manufactured machine and ensures the characteristics of the blasted product, such as surface roughness. Tests may also be performed in order to determine the optimal grain size.