Blast cleaning rooms (sometimes called sand blasting rooms) are enclosed rooms for blast cleaning different pieces; they are equipped with blast cleaning equipment and equipment for the recycling and cleaning of the blasting medium. The interior surfaces of the room are protected against wear caused by blast cleaning. Good ventilation and bright lighting improve productivity.
Blast cleaning rooms can be equipped with working platforms for the blaster; they can move horizontally and vertically inside the room. Using the FB Platform, the blaster can safely blast clean even larger pieces.
We can also offer solutions for the automatic blast cleaning of different pieces.

Benefits of the Finnblast blast cleaning rooms:

  • Reliable blast cleaning equipment
  • Reliable blasting medium recycling equipment that has a high tolerance for impurities
  • Low floor structure that reduces foundation costs
  • Good visibility due to effective dust removal and bright lighting
  • Effective removal of impurities from the blasting medium using a vibrating screen and airflow separator
  • Good sound insulation

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