We offer two different products for the blast cleaning of rolls and cylinders.

– Cabinet machines, where the roll is blasted inside an enclosed cabinet
– Dust-free blast cleaning machines, where the roll is not placed inside a cabinet; instead, a dust-free blasting head is pressed against the surface of the roll

Dust-free blast cleaning machines
Dust-free blast cleaning machines immediately recover the blasting medium after blast cleaning. The machine has a special blasting head, which provides strong suction in addition to the blast cleaning. The suction recovers the blasting medium and dust into the machine, preventing them from spreading into the environment.

Dust-free blast cleaning machines have a purpose-built blasting head with a closed nozzle that immediately recovers the blasting medium and dust. This prevents the shot from spreading into the environment.



The machines in the FBDS ranges are dust-free blast cleaning machines suitable for cleaning weld seams, for example. The movement of the blasting head can be mechanised, allowing the machine to be used for the automatic blast cleaning of rolls, for example. The FBDS models are actuated by compressed air and can be equipped with 4.8–8 mm nozzles.
As an optional accessory, we offer a two-part pressure blast pot that supplies continuous and uninterrupted blasting.



The FBC models are intended for the blast cleaning and surface roughening of large rolls. The rolls may be up to 60 t in weight, over 2 m in diameter, and have a housing length of 12 m.
The blast cleaning machine moves longitudinally along the roll using rails. FBC is an effective blast cleaning machine for large rolls. Steel shot, aluminium oxide or zirconium may be used as the blasting medium, for example.
If necessary, we can also produce the necessary rotation gear for the blasting cell, and a dolly that can be used to move the roll to surface coating after blast cleaning.