Large blast cleaning rooms

Ship sections are blast cleaned in large blast cleaning halls. Large grit steel shot can be used for blast cleaning the sections; the medium can be reused, which results in cost savings when compared to single-use blasting media.
When using steel shot, the amount of waste is reduced to a fraction when compared to a single-use medium.


Small blast cleaning rooms

Ship manufacturing also includes smaller packages that can be blast cleaned using smaller blast cleaning rooms.


Cleaning profile edges

The frame of the ship is strengthened using different profiles, such as bulbs, flat steel bars, and L profiles.
In order to achieve a high-quality weld, the edges of the profiles are blast cleaned to remove corrosion and primer.
Finnblast offers several automatic drive-through blast cleaning machines for cleaning the profile edges.blast-cleaning-of-edges_1



Deburring drums

Deburring drums round the edges of flame-cut pieces and remove any burrs.
Finnblast’s drums have a detachable container where the pieces are loaded. A forklift is used to transport the container into the drum. Once the pieces have been deburred, they are lifted out of the drum together with the container using a forklift, and taken to the next work phase, such as welding.


Sheet metal/bar wheel blasting machines

Wheel blasting machines for sheet metal and bars
Machine widths 1–3 m.


Manufacturing of piping elements

Manufacturing piping elements using blast cleaned pipes increases the productivity of pipe welding and results in better welding quality.
FBP 350 is a product designed for blast cleaning round pipes. The supply of pipes into the blast cleaning machine and the handling of clean pipes can be easily automated.