Crack test is one of the work phases during the maintenance of wheel sets for train cars, wagons and locomotives. For the crack test, the wheel set must be blast cleaned.

Finnblast has developed an automatic blast cleaning machine for the blast cleaning  of wheel sets.

Here you can load  a leaflet of the  machine: wheel-set_eng_01_2017_s

finnblast-wheel-set_2         finnblast-wheel-set_1       

A wheel set in wagon type blasting cabinet.                            A wheel set in a drive-trough blasting cabinet.

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The blast cleaning machine is dust-free and silent.

It is flexible and versatile to use. The movements of the blasting nozzles are programmable. The user can select which part of the axle is cleaned: only the axle, only the wheels, or only the outer surface of one wheel, for example.

The machine offers the following advantages, among others:
– It is reliable to use
– It can be used for the blast cleaning of all  types of wheel sets
– It can be easily programmed for different wheel set types
– Its capacity is sufficient
– The machine is quiet and dust-free

The machine works as follows: The wheel sets are loaded into the machine. The wheel set rotates during the blast cleaning. A servo controlled manipulator is used for the nozzle movements. Finally, compressed air is used to blow the dust off the wheel set. Once the blast cleaning is complete, the door is opened and the wheel set is removed from the blast cleaning cabinet.