Surface roughening for frying pans

Frying pans are coated using Teflon and other surface materials. Before the coating, the surface of the frying pan must be roughened using blast cleaning.This places high demands on the consistency of the surface roughness.
It must remain stable during production. Different coatings also require different roughness.
Finnblast is delivering blast cleaning machines for the surface roughening of frying pans.


Binocular matting

A carousel-type machine can be used for serially blast cleaning small pieces.
The cabinet can be loaded manually or by using a robot.The cabinet provides the pieces with a consistent matt surface. The surface is unified, and the matting is done for reasons related to appearance. The resulting surface will not reflect light in a distracting manner.


Rifle lock matting

Rifle locks are machined, and for reasons of appearance, the surface must be even and matted.
Finnblast is delivering cabinets where the surface of the parts is automatically matted.