Blast cleaning of train car wheel sets

Checking for fractures is one of the work phases during the maintenance of wheel sets. The wheel sets are inspected according to the new VPI standard. For the inspection, the wheel sets are blasted clean. Corrosion and old paint are removed. Finnblast has developed a blast cleaning machine for wheel sets that meets the VPI requirements. The machine offers the following benefits, among others: – It is reliable to use – It can be used for the blast cleaning of all axle types – It can be easily programmed for different wheel set types – Its capacity is sufficient – The machine is quiet and dust-free



New grinding machine for axles of wheel sets

Manual grinding axles of wheel sets is heavy work.  Finnblast has developed a new grinding machine  to replace the manual grinding work with an automated machine. The grinding machine is designed for  grinding  of  the axles of wheel sets.  It is  an automated drive through machine. Wheel sets are taken inside the grinding machine  and grinding is made  in a closed cabinet.  

Working principle of the grinding machine

You can load a data sheet of the machine  here Grinding machine ENG

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Blast cleaning of train cars

We offer complete blast cleaning rooms for the blast cleaning of train cars. The rooms can be fitted with accessories.