Finnblast Oy is a company that designs, manufactures, and markets blast cleaning equipment and machinery. The company was founded in 1986. In the early stages, our product range only included compressed air blast cleaning equipment. We have expanded our selection of products over the years.

Currently, we offer a wide range of products in the field of blast cleaning technology. In addition to automatic compressed air blast cleaners, our product selection includes blast cleaning rooms and wheel blasting machines.


Nearly all our deliveries are partially or entirely tailored to our customers’ needs. The basic technology of the machines is the same, but the properties of the blasted pieces and the requirements for automating the blast cleaning often lead to a customised solution. The continuous development of products and new solutions is essential for our activities.

Customers, products, and activities

Most of our customers are machine shops, companies in the metal industry, and companies offering surface treatment. Our customer base includes both worldwide corporations and small businesses. We have customers in over 20 countries around the world. . Since 1986, we have manufactured nearly 500 automatic machines for cleaning different pieces.

Our product range covers nearly all machines in the field of blast cleaning, compressed air machines, wheel blasting machines, and customer-specific special machines, such as those for the internal blasting of pipes and openings.

Our product range also includes cyclones and filters that are used to separate dust from airflow. We utilise a computerised fluid dynamics (CFD) software suite in their design.