Blasting medium and dust around the blast cleaning machine

Blast cleaning and wheel blasting machines can spread their medium into the surrounding areas. The medium can escape the machine through the supply opening, or it can exit with the pieces being blast cleaned. The medium often spreads as it is added into the blast cleaning machine. Round blasting media spread on the floor can cause a slipping hazard. It must immediately be removed from the floor.

The blasting media is vacuumed and returned into the blast cleaning machine

Finnblast Oy has developed a new, powerful vacuum cleaner for recovering blasting media. In addition to high suction power, this vacuum cleaner can also return the vacuumed blasting medium into the blast cleaning machine. The recovery is continuous, i.e. manual emptying of the dust collectors is not required.

Blasting medium and dust in the blast cleaned pieces

After blast cleaning or wheel blasting, the nooks and corners of the product often have blasting medium and dust that must be removed. Vacuuming is a dust-free method for removing the shot from the piece. When the blasting medium is vacuumed, it will not spread into the environment. Vacuuming allows for the recovery of the medium into the blast cleaning machine.

High suction power and effective filter

The FBI-55 has high suction power, approx. 10 kg/min for round steel beads (S230) of size 0.6–0.85 mm. In other words, the vacuuming is quick to use. The maximum length of the suction hose is 16 m, which means that the machine does not need to be moved during vacuuming.
The vacuum cleaner has an effective filter with automatic filter cartridge cleaning.