Building frames and roof trusses

Steel building frames and roof trusses can be blast cleaned in a blast cleaning room. The room is dimensioned to house the largest possible pieces.
The pieces can be brought into the room using a dolly that runs on tracks, or they can be suspended on an overhead conveyor.
Another option is to blast clean them in a drive-through type overhead conveyor machine. The size of the wheel blasting machine’s opening is determined by the cross-section of the parts.


Door and window manufacturing

Light-gauge sections are used for manufacturing doors and windows. Blasting these profiles manually or with a wheel blasting machine is difficult, when wanting to avoid deformations and bending.
The models FB 350/350 and FB 500/500 are suitable for blast cleaning light-gauge sections; both are drive-through type automatic blast cleaning machines. These machines clean the pieces all over with a single operation. They are naturally also suited to the blast cleaning of other profiles, such as I-beams, U-beams, and rectangular and square tubes.



Blasting beams and sheets with a wheel blasting machine

A wheel blasting machine is suited to the blast cleaning of sheet and beams. The width of the opening on wheel blasting machines can be between 1,000 and 3,000 mm.



Cleaning sheet metal blanks with a deburring drum

We offer a deburring drum for cleaning and deburring flame-cut sheet metal blanks.
As the drum rotates, the pieces are ground against each other and the burrs are removed.
The sheet metal blanks are brought into the drum using a container that forms part of the drum. The blanks do not need to be manually lifted into or out of the drum. A forklift is used to move the container.
The drum is placed in a sound-proofing cabinet, which means that noise level is very low. Continuous air suction is applied to the inside of the drum, which means that the sheet metal blanks are free from dust after the deburring.