Galaxy range blast  cleaning cabinet

See Video presenting blast cleaning cabinet FB 1000 in action

The blast cleaning cabinets of Finnblast are highly effective and reliable in work.  Often the name sand blasting cabinet is used. In our cabinets the blasting abrasive is not sand but  recycable blasting media like steel grit, conrundum,, glass beads etc.

Our cabinets have following advantages:

– high reliability  and high efficiency, the parts will be cleaned fast,  the productivity is high

– powerful lights and effective dust removal ensure excellent visibility during blasting work.

– the filter cartridges are from space technolygy with nano fibers with high separation efficiency and long working life

– a separate, adjustble cyclone keeps the working mixture constant and therefore the produced surface quality is the same day after day

– good ergonomics because of high hand holes

– adjustable height allows to adjust the working height optimal for the operator

Galaxy FB 1000 FB 1250 FB 1500
Working principle Pressure driven or ejector Pressure driven or ejector Pressure driven or ejector
Dimnesions of the cabinet, WxD, in mm 1000 x 1200 1250 x 1440 1500 x 1440
Nozzle size (pressure driven) 4,8-6,0 mm 4,8 – 8,0 mm 4,8 – 8,0 mm



fb-1250-blasting-cabinet  FB 1000 blast cleaning cabinet

Galaxy FB 1250                                                     Galaxy FB 1000

Manual blast cleaning cabinets FB 1400–FB 8000

The FB 1400–FB 8000 product range covers the larger and more powerful blast cleaning cabinets. The cabinet can be up to 8 metres in length. The blasted pieces may be up to several tonnes in weight. The shot recycling equipment in these cabinets are larger and located in a separate unit.
These blasting cabinets are usually equipped with powerful nozzles of up to 10 mm in size, and blasting is often automated.



FB 3750

FB 3750

Customer-specific manual blast cleaning cabinets

A wide range of accessories and customisations are available for the standard cabinets. The intended space for the blasting cabinet is often cramped, and customer-specific changes are required in the standard models.
The door of the FB-2400-PN cabinet opens straight up. This is a user-friendly solution, as heavy items can be loaded directly into the cabinet. It also saves space.

FB 2400-PN

FB 2400-PN

Large blast cleaning cabinet FB 2100-2300