Blast cleaning of moulds

Cleaning of moulds and tools is an essential factor in ensuring the effeiciency of the production in palstics and rubber industry. With Finnblast machines one can choose the best method for each case. For example in a single cabinet you can use blast cleaning with ceramic beads and the blast cleaning with dry ice.

Blast cleaning of moulds is made in closed cabinet. The blasting media is chosen according need of the customer, The blasting media can be e.g. glass bead, ceramic beads, plastic, or dry ice. The cabinet is made to meet requirements of the dimensions and the weight of the mould.

The blasting work can be made manually. The automated version of the cabinet is to be considered, in case the amount of the cleaning work is high or if the quality requirements for the surface quality are high.

The automated version of the cabinet has CNC-controlled nozzle movement in 1 – 3 axles. So you have fully automated cleaning process.


Roll coating

The adhesion of the coating is an important quality aspect in the coating of rolls. Adhesion is affected by the correct roughness of the surface.
Our machines can produce the surface roughness required for coating, and automatic blast cleaning machines can maintain a consistent roughness level, month after month and year after year.

Our product range has several machine models suitable for companies coating rolls, axles and rollers.
– Large automatic cabinets
– Blast cleaning rooms

The FB 3750 is an automatic blast cleaning machine suited to the blast cleaning and surface roughening of axially symmetrical components, such as rollers and other cylindrical pieces. The pieces are automatically blast cleaned inside an enclosed chamber.
As an optional accessory, the cabinet can have a turntable, for example, for blast cleaning objects that are not axially symmetrical.


Surface roughening for large rolls

Model FBC is suited to the cleaning and surface roughening of large rolls, such as those used in a paper machine. It has high cleaning power. The machine is equipped with a dust-free blasting head that is pressed against the surface of the roll
The blast cleaning cell also includes a rotating dolly. The maximum capacity of the dolly may be up to 60 tonnes.


Dust-free blast cleaning machine

Our dust-free automatic blast cleaning machine FBDS is also suited to blast cleaning rolls.
The machine has a blasting head that can recover the blasting medium and dust into the machine during the blasting process.
The machine has a two-part pressure blast pot that supplies continuous and uninterrupted blasting. This allows for the blast cleaning of large surfaces without interruptions.
The machine can use different types of blasting media, such as steel shot, aluminium oxide or other types of ceramic shot.
FBDS can be equipped with several accessories, such as automatic blast medium supply and equipment for moving the blasting head or rotating the roll, etc.