In drive-through blast cleaning machines, the pieces to be blast cleaned are transported through the blasting chamber. Blast cleaning takes place inside an enclosed space. The openings required for the drive-through process have been sealed in order to prevent blasting shot or dust from spreading into the environment. If necessary, the pieces can be automatically supplied into the conveyor.

FB 350

The FB 350 is suitable for the blast cleaning of beams and profiles. It has traction rollers inside the blasting chamber, and the machine will automatically blast clean around the entire profile. The FB 350 is also suited to the cleaning of round tubes. The input and removal of round tubes can be easily automated.



FBL-1000 for blast cleaning of sheet metal parts

The FBL 1000 is designed for the blast cleaning of sheet metal parts. It can also be used to blast clean small parts on a drive-through table. The machine has two blasting nozzles that also clean the vertical surfaces of the parts.   See the video of blast cleaning machine FBL for blast cleaning of  laser cutted parts:





Custom made drive-through machines

The custom made drive-through machines are tailored to the customer’s needs. The number and position of the nozzles depend on the pieces being blast cleaned. If necessary, the nozzles can be built to be mobile. The machines have a separate cyclone for shot cleaning. Custom made machines can be used to blast a clean area for welding at the edge of a flat bar or bulb or an area on a plate. Such features are required at docks, for example. Most often, the blast cleaning machine is connected to a conveyor system, which automatically starts and stops the blast cleaning when the piece passes through the blasting chamber.