A tumble belt machine is an effective solution for the wheel blasting of bulk products. A tumble belt machine is suitable for corrosion removal, removing mill scale and oxide scale, and for shot peening.
The centrifugal wheels are located above the drum. As the drum rotates, the pieces tumble inside it and are cleaned by the shot spray.

There are two available tumble belt machine models:
– The FBRK tumble belt machines have drums made of rubber.
– The FBRT tumble belt machines have drums made of steel.

The material of the drum is selected in accordance with the characteristics of the blast cleaned pieces. Features that affect the choice include the size and weight of individual pieces, their loading method, etc.

Tumble belt machines can be equipped with several accessories. These include:
– Automatic product loading and unloading equipment
– Magnetic separators for moulding sand and steel shot
– Speed adjustment for centrifugal wheels