Pump service

Pump service requires cleaning the pump components. Cabinets in the FB 1100 Compact series are well suited to pump service. They have an extractable table, which means that blade wheels and other components can be loaded on the table outside the cabinet, using a hoist, for example.
The cabinet can be fitted with drive-through openings. This allows for using the same cabinet to clean long axles and other long objects.
The blasting medium can be selected according to the customer’s needs; glass beads, aluminium oxide or plastic shot can be used, for example.



Industrial gear service

Industrial gears can be large and heavy. The FB 1800–1900 is also suited to cleaning these components. Its turntable has a capacity of 2.5 tonnes (and more, if necessary).
The pieces are loaded onto the turntable outside the cabinet. The table is then electrically moved into the cabinet.
The cabinet has an enclosed circulation and purification system for the blasting medium.
The pieces may be up to 1,000 mm in height. The blasting cabinet has an additional hand opening for the blasting of tall objects.



Large diesel engine service

The FB 1800 blast cleaning cabinet is suited to many different purposes. It has a separate cyclone and filter that ensure effective ventilation inside the cabinet. Visibility inside the cabinet is good even when blasting with fine aluminium oxide or silica oxide that generate a large amount of dust during blasting.