Nozzles for the blast cleaning tubes inside and other  interior surfaces/

Finnblast offers solutions for interior blast cleaning according to the customer’s needs. Special nozzles are used for the blast cleaning of interior surfaces. If necessary, we can also manufacture customer-specific nozzles for interior blast cleaning, such as nozzles for small openings. There are 4 basic nozzle types available for the blast cleaning of interior surfaces: a) Nozzles with a 360-degree blasting pattern. When using these nozzles, neither the nozzle nor the piece needs to be rotated. b) Rotating nozzles that rotate by 360 degrees. c) Fixed straight or curved nozzles where the blast cleaning pattern does not rotate, but the piece can be rotated during blast cleaning. d) Special nozzles, such as rotating nozzles for the blast cleaning of small openings. These nozzles are manufactured by us.

Sisäpuolen puhallussuuttimia

Interior surface blast cleaning nozzles

Machines for the blast cleaning of interior surfaces/tubes inside

We have developed blast cleaning machines for the blasting of interior surfaces according to our customers’ needs. The design of the machine depends on the size and shape of the pieces to be blasted, the number of pieces, the required surface quality and other related factors. The machines may be manually operated or fully automatic. Different types of conveyors are used to carry the pieces into the blast cleaning machine.

Putkien/akselien sisäpuolen puhallusautomaatti

cleaning machine for the interior surfaces of tubes/axles

Säiliöiden sisäpuolen puhallus automaattiseesti riippuradalla

Automatic blast cleaning for the interior surfaces of tanks using an overhead conveyor

Suurien säiliöiden (tilavuus 5 m3) sisäpuolen raepuhallus automaattisesti

Automatic blast cleaning for the interior surfaces of large tanks (volume 5 m3)