There are two types of blast cleaning machines available:

– Compressed air machines, where the blast medium is accelerated by means of compressed air, and
– Wheel blast machines, where the blasting medium is mechanically accelerated using a centrifugal wheel.

Pneumatic blast cleaning machines and wheel blasting machines are usually not suited to the same applications. Compressed air blasting machines have features that wheel blasting machines do not. Compressed air machines can use sharp grit, glass beads, aluminium oxide or other types of ceramic media, as well as plastic shot and walnut shells, for example. Compressed air machines can also be used to focus the blasting area precisely. When blasting objects with complex shapes, compressed air machines can even clean difficult spots such as the inside surfaces of openings. Compressed air blasting machines are usually smaller than wheel blasting machines, and their investment cost may only be a fraction of the price of a wheel blasting machine. Finnblast Oy’s product range covers both compressed air machines and wheel blasting machines, which means that we can offer the optimal solution for our customers.

Puhallussuutin 4,8 mm ja 12,5 mm

Blasting nozzle 4.8 mm and 12.5 mm

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