Wheel blasting machines are suited to the blast cleaning of very different pieces.
Wheel blasting machines mechanically accelerate the shot using a centrifugal wheel. The shot is fed to the hub of the wheel, and the wheel’s guide vanes throw the shot at high speed towards the blasted piece.
The number and output of the wheels are determined according to the required capacity.
The geometry, size, number and other features of the pieces determine the wheel blasting machine type that is best suited to each case.
One of the features of wheel blasting machines is that they can be used to blast clean large areas in a short time.

You can find more information about the different wheel blasting machine types by clicking the links below:

Rullaratasinko FBRR  Rullaratasinko 2,5 m

Rullaratasinko FBRR
Roller conveyor machine 2,5 m

Riippuratasinko (kaappisinko)

Overhead conveyor wheel blast machine