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High speed blast cleaning machine for wheel sets delivered to France

Finnblast Oy has delivered to France a high capacity blast cleaning machine for wheel sets. It is  d[...]

Blast cleaning of moulds for car tyres

Finnblast Oy has delivered fully automated blast cleaning cabinet for cleaning of moulds for car tyr[...]

Blast cleaning of wheelsets

Finnblast Oy has delivered a blast cleaning machine for wheel sets to UK.  This machine is drive thr[...]

Blasting cabinet with two tables

Finnblast Oy has delivered  to Veisto Oy:lle a blast cleaning cabinet, which has two tables.   Two t[...]


Innotrans 2020 Exhibition 22.-25.9.2020 in Berlin

Finnblast participates the railway exhibition Innotrans 2020 in Berlin, 22-25.9.2020. Welcome![...]

Finnblast Oy is participating the Innotrans exhibition in Berlin, 18-21.2018. Wellcome ![...]

Blast cleaning room for Pirkanmaan Levytyö

Pirkanmaan Levytyö Oy (www.pirkanmaanlevytyo.fi) is a subcontracting workshop from Tampere that invests in surface treatment. The new blast cleaning room located in a surface treatment hall is used to blast clean the products, after which they are immediately painted in the new paint shop.

Finnblast has delivered the blast cleaning room with the necessary equipment that will be used for the cleaning. The blast cleaning will use recyclable steel grit. The medium is transported from the room into the elevator using a scraper conveyors. Once it exits the elevator, the medium is cleaned using a vibrating screen and an airflow separator. The cleaned medium flows into the pressure vessel, where it will be reused.

The walls of the blast cleaning room are protected against wear using 10-mm thick crushed rubber that also reduces the noise from the blast cleaning.

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