A blast cleaning machine to an american shipbuilding company for blast cleaning of edges of steel sheets.

Finnblast Oy is delivering to an american shipyard a custom made blast cleaning machine for blast cl[...]

Blast cleaning machine of wheelsets to Lucchini RS

At the end of 2016 Finnblast Oy delivered an automated blast cleaning machine for wheelsets to Lucch[...]

A blast cleaning machine for of large rolls to Sweden

At the end of 2016 Finnblast delivered devices for blast cleaning of large rolls to a swedish custom[...]

A blast cleaning cabinet from Galaxy series to Netherlands

In the beginning of 2017 we have delivered a blast cleaning cabinet (sand blasting cabinet) from our[...]


Finnblast Oy is participating the Innotrans exhibition in Berlin, 18-21.2018. Wellcome ![...]

High capacity dust free (closed-circuit) blast machine to a canadian shipyard

Finnblast delivers a high capacity dust free ( closed- circuit)blasting machine to a canadian shipyard.  In manufacturing of ships a high amount of welding is required and the productivity of welding is most important.  On the bottom and on the sides of a ship various stiffeners and bulbs are welded.  For welding of these parts the places of welding are blast cleaned.  When the welding is made on  blasted cleaned surfaces, the welding speed can be increased and at the same time the quality of weld seams will be higher.  The dust free blasting machine has a continuous, closed recycle and recover of the abrasive media.  The dust free blasting machine, model FBDS, has a special designed blasting head.  This blasting head enables high speed movements during the blasting process on the sheet, without leaving any abrasive media or dust on the sheet.  The blasting and suction hoses have a length over 20 m. The machine is equipped with a double blasting pot for non-stop blasting and with a large blasting nozzle to achieve maximum effeciency.

Dust free blasting machine_1

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