A blast cleaning machine to an american shipbuilding company for blast cleaning of edges of steel sheets.

Finnblast Oy is delivering to an american shipyard a custom made blast cleaning machine for blast cl[...]

Blast cleaning machine of wheelsets to Lucchini RS

At the end of 2016 Finnblast Oy delivered an automated blast cleaning machine for wheelsets to Lucch[...]

A blast cleaning machine for of large rolls to Sweden

At the end of 2016 Finnblast delivered devices for blast cleaning of large rolls to a swedish custom[...]

A blast cleaning cabinet from Galaxy series to Netherlands

In the beginning of 2017 we have delivered a blast cleaning cabinet (sand blasting cabinet) from our[...]


Finnblast Oy is participating the Innotrans exhibition in Berlin, 18-21.2018. Wellcome ![...]

Fully automated blast cleaning machine of wheel sets to Lucchini RS.

Finnblast delivers to Lucchini RS  a fully automated blast cleaning machine for blast cleaning of wheel sets. Luccini RS provides the railway industry with high-end products, services and solutions.  To Luccihini of particular  significance is the prduction of high-speed train wheels and wheelsets.  Their factory in Belgium gets now a new blast cleaning device to their line of wheelset  finishing.

The machine is fully automated. It can clean the compelete wheel set but also any part of wheelset, if needed.  The achieves the requirements of the VPI regulations for the roughness of the blasted surface.  The machine has high capacity but still it is dust free and quiet.  It has blasting programs for different  geometries of the wheelsets and therefore it is easy to use.

Blast cleaning of wheelset Snadstarhlen von Radsätze

Blast cleaning of wheelset

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