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High speed blast cleaning machine for wheel sets delivered to France

Finnblast Oy has delivered to France a high capacity blast cleaning machine for wheel sets. It is  d[...]

Blast cleaning of moulds for car tyres

Finnblast Oy has delivered fully automated blast cleaning cabinet for cleaning of moulds for car tyr[...]

Blast cleaning of wheelsets

Finnblast Oy has delivered a blast cleaning machine for wheel sets to UK.  This machine is drive thr[...]

Blasting cabinet with two tables

Finnblast Oy has delivered  to Veisto Oy:lle a blast cleaning cabinet, which has two tables.   Two t[...]


Innotrans 2021 Exhibition 27-30.4.2021 in Berlin

Finnblast participates the railway exhibition Innotrans 2020 in Berlin, 27-30.4.2021. Welcome![...]

Finnblast Oy is participating the Innotrans exhibition in Berlin, 18-21.2018. Wellcome ![...]

Big blasting cabinet to PK-Levy Oy

Finblast Oy has delivered to PK-Levy Oy a large blast cleaning cabinet, type FB 1800. Pk-Levy is situated in Nurmes in Finland. They make steel constructions and  welded parts. Their production includes also surface treatment and painting of the manufactured parts. Their machine parks for plates has  laser cutting, bending and welding machines.  The surface treatment  department can offer blast cleaning, powder coating and blast cleaning with soda.  Product and production development is one part of their offer in co-operation with their  customers.

The delivered blast cleaning cabinet is big  compressed air driven with pressure pot.  In pressure driven cabinet also large objects can be cleaned efficiently in short time.  The length of the cabinet is 1800 mm, depth 1700 mm and height 2000 mm.   One of the advantages of this and other Finnblast cabinets is excellent visibility during the blasting process.  This advantage is result of the three design facts: firstly the ventilation of the  cabinet is powerful,  secondly the special design of the window shield with the patented air wash system and thirdly a very bright lights.   Because of the good visibility the work is effective.  The cabinet has a rotation table, which moves on rails in and out of the cabinet.  The table can be electrically rotated during the blasting by pressing a foot pedal. .

Blast cleaning cabinet FB 1800


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