A blast cleaning machine to an american shipbuilding company for blast cleaning of edges of steel sheets.

Finnblast Oy is delivering to an american shipyard a custom made blast cleaning machine for blast cl[...]

Blast cleaning machine of wheelsets to Lucchini RS

At the end of 2016 Finnblast Oy delivered an automated blast cleaning machine for wheelsets to Lucch[...]

A blast cleaning machine for of large rolls to Sweden

At the end of 2016 Finnblast delivered devices for blast cleaning of large rolls to a swedish custom[...]

A blast cleaning cabinet from Galaxy series to Netherlands

In the beginning of 2017 we have delivered a blast cleaning cabinet (sand blasting cabinet) from our[...]


Finnblast Oy is participating the Innotrans exhibition in Berlin, 18-21.2018. Wellcome ![...]

Cross feeding system for a roller conveyor shot blasting machine

Finnblast Oy delivered  to Miilux Oy in Raahe, Finnland a cross conveyr system for feeding plates and profiles to a roller conveyor of a shot blasting machine.  Miilux is a producer of hardened, abrasion resistant steel  and protection  steel for various industries, like bucket components, lid plates, side wedges for crushers, armouring protection steel for banks, money transfer vehicles etc. The plates are transported on the roller conveyor  throug the shot blasting machine.   To increase the productivity of the shot blasting machine  delivered Finnblast Oy a cross conveyor system to feed the roller conveyor with work pieces to be blasted.

The plates and other work pieces are loaded with a crane on the cross conveyor table.  The cross conveyor system consists several cross conveyors, which all have a hydraulic lifting bar. The lifting bars move on wagons between the rollers of the roller conveyor. 



The cross conveyor system works as follows:  The transport wagons with lifting bars lift the workpices over the cross conveyor  table.  When the workoices is lifted, tha wagons can move the workpieces wioth the lifted bar to the roller conveyor.  When the wokpieces are on the roller conveyor, the lifting bars are lowered and the work pieces are loade onn the rollers.  Then  the roller conveyor can take the worklpieces through the shot blasting machine.

When the lifting bars are lowered, tha wagons can be driven back to the table section and new worpices can be picked up to be transported to the roller conveyor.  The benefot of this construction is that the work pieces can be feeded individually to the roller conveyor. Furthermore, if the workpieces are not aligned to the roller conveyor they can be rotated so that they are straight aligned according the roller conveyor center line.


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